20 Temmuz 2012 Cuma

Kitap Arkası Yazısı, The Journals of Sylvia Plath 1950-1962

“The publication of these journals... gives us the chance to hear Plath in her own words, to see her marriage in close up, and to watch the evolution of her dazzling last poems.” Andrew Motion, Financial Times.

“Everything that passes before her eyes travels down from brain to pen with shattering clarity – 1950s New England, pre-c-ed Cambridge,pre-mass tourism Benidorm, where she and Hughes honeymooned, the birth of her son Nicholas in Devon in 1962. These and other passages are so graphic that you look up form the page surprised to find yourself back in the here and now... The struggle of self with self makes the Journals compelling and unique.” John Carey, Sunday Times.

“So what does this new edition of the Journals offer, other than Karen Kukil’s exemplary editing? Most importantly, it gives us Plath unmediated, as no biography or memoir can... The poems tell the story as the poets (Hughes and Plath) wanted, with the composure of great art. But in their raw intimcay, these Journals are no less  enthralling.”  Blake Morrison, Independent on Sunday.

“... Full of brilliant writing that tells us a great deal about how the poet in waiting became the poet we know.” Anne Stevenson, Thumscrew.

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