20 Temmuz 2012 Cuma

Kitap Arkası Yazısı, The Simpsons and Philosophy- William Irwin, Mark T. Conard, Aeon J. Skobie (eds)

No less an authority than Homer Simpson himself has declared: “Cartoons don’t have any deep meaning. They’re just stupid drawings that give you a cheap laugh.”

Don’t have a cow, man. Here comes a squadron of erudite scholars with the guts to challange even Homer’s pessimistic view of his family’s historic plight.

Does Homer Simpson really exhibit Aristotelian virtues? Can we learn from Maggie about the value of silence? Is Bart the kind of individual Nietzsche was trying to warn us about? How does Lisa illuminate American ambivalence towards intellectuals?

Here we can find out about irony and the meaning of life, the politics of the nuclear family, Marxism in Springfield, the elusiveness of happiness, popular parody as a form of tribute, and why we need animated TV shows. As if alll that weren’t enough, this book actually contains the worst philosophy essay ever.

Now that we have The Simpsons and Philosophy, we can all rub our hands together and say, in a slow, sinister, breathy voice: “Excellent...”

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